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Our Story 

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About us

When Miren and KP met in 2020, they quickly discovered they had a shared passion: antiques. To both of them, though, there seemed to be one big problem. Antiques stores like Miren and his family’s weren't being seen. Incredible items were being ignored and neglected, and new, mass-produced throw away pieces were being bought in their place. 

Our Mission

To the pair of budding entrepreneurs, this seemed a waste. So, together, they set about creating a way to make to the world a richer, more sustainable place, by bringing preloved antiques to light and helping people to buy old, not new. From their efforts, Antique Look was created, a place where select, sustainable antiques are accessible to all.

Antique Look aims to be B-Corp Certified by 2023!

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Antique Look is officially Climate Positive!

The annual carbon intake of our forest is more than the emissions generated from transporting antiques directly to your door. Together we can save the planet if we stop manufacturing the unnecessarily new. Click here to see our latest efforts to combat climate change! 

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